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  1. General Terms and Conditions

Motorhome can be rented by a person over 21 years old and with a valid driving license of at least 3 years, which must be valid at least until the end of the rental. To rent a motorhome, the vehicle must be booked. At the time of the takeover of the vehicle, the lessee must have his valid driving license with him. For travel outside the European Union, the lessee must be allowed to drive a foreign vehicle. The tenant specified in the contract is responsible for the consequences of any breach of the contract. The vehicle is operated by the tenant specified in the contract.

The vehicle must not be put into the subcontractor or put into service by another person.

The tenant commits himself to handling the vehicle as a good master.

Any possible penalties shall be borne by the lessee.

Pets are not allowed in the vehicle (except by prior arrangement).

It is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle.

The renewal of the lease is not possible without the prior permission of the owner of the motorhome.

The lease shall come into force by signing the lease agreement of both contractors and the transit record, the payment of the total amount of the intended lease and payment of the security. The lease ends with the signature of the transit record of both contractors, the settlement of any additional costs, and the return of the eligible security after a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The security shall be returned to the lessee without interest, within 3 days after the conclusion of the lease.

  1. Payments and surcharges

The price does not include fuel, parking, tolls, camping and tourist tax.

Upon the takeover, the entire foreseen lease must be paid and the entire security lodged.

Payment will be made by our bank, opened at BANK KOPER no. Account: SI56 1010 0005 4698 586.

The price includes VAT, up to 400 km / day, mandatory and full insurance, car assistance, basic equipment. When renting a vehicle for more than 14 days there are no mileage restrictions.


  • For each missed hour, EUR 50.
  • In case of smoking in the motorhome 300 EUR.
  • Emptying a full toilet bowl is 100 EUR.
  • Emptying the full container with waste water is EUR 30.
  • For every extra mileage, 0.25EUR.
  • Additional gas cylinder 35,00 EUR

The price does not include toilet chemicals, gas (1 cylinder), degradable toilet paper and garbage bags.

The package is charged at EUR 50 (1 week).

Cleaning of the motorhome is charged at the rate of 50 EUR - for a more dirty motorhome, you will be charged up to 100 EUR.

In the event that on return, it is determined that any deep cleaning in the motorhome is required, but the lessee settles the amount of depth cleaning in the amount of 150 EUR.

  1. Pick up and return vehicle

Acceptance of the vehicle is between 14.00 and 18.00 hours. by agreement. The parties shall examine the vehicle together and sign the vehicle record.

Each customer receives one copy and is the basis for determining possible damage when returning a motorhome.

The return of the vehicle is between 9.00 and 11.00 hours. by agreement.

On weekend package, pick up the vehicle on Thursdays between 16.00 and 18.00, and return on Monday between 9.00 and 10.00, by agreement.

When taking over, the motorhome has a full tank of fuel, enough fluid in the engine and enough household gas. It has an empty container for drinking water, an empty toilet bowl and a waste water container.

When taking over, the lessee is orally alerted to the special features when driving and using a motorhome.

After the signature of the handover record, the lessee gets the keys and documents of the vehicle.

The tenant returns the motorhome:

  • basically cleaned
  • with an empty container of drinking water,
  • with an empty container of waste water,
  • with empty toilet bowl,
  • with full fuel tank,
  • with enough fluids in the engine.

In the event that the fuel tank is not full, the fuel is charged to the tenant on the daily Petrol price list for the missing part of the fuel, plus EUR 40 for fixed costs.

Upon return, both parties shall make a record of the vehicle inspection and shall determine the conformity of the vehicle condition with the record at the time of take-over.

In the event of any damage or unfulfilled obligations specified in the contract, they are calculated according to the price list of craftsmen qualified for such repairs or from the price list in the contract.

In case of consent between the parties, the record of the return of the motorhome will be signed by both parties, the keys and the documents of the vehicle returned, and the lease will be terminated. In the event of disagreement, the record of the dispute shall be recorded in the record and a dispute may arise at the competent court in Celje.

  1. Vehicle insurance

Motorhomes are compulsory and fully insured with the insurance company and have car assistance in Slovenia and abroad at the insurance company.

In case of an accident, which is covered by our shelf, the lessee covers the damage of the deductible franchise and the loss of the bonus.

  1. Responsibility of the tenant

The tenant must lock the truck at the time of leaving the vehicle. Keep the keys and documents of the vehicle securely with you.

The lessee answers unlimitedly:

  • for injuries on board not occurring in the event of an accident,
  • for injuries and penalties resulting from failure to comply with regulations, laws, rules ...

The lessee is liable to them both materially and criminally even after the conclusion of the lease, regardless of when it receives a notice of the offense committed or, offenses and penalties. penalties for him.

All interventions in the vehicle without prior agreement with the landlord are prohibited and therefore the costs of repairs are not recognized.

In the event of damage to the vehicle or on-board equipment due to wear and tear, or technical failure, the repair costs are made at the expense of the lessor, and the repair and payment is done in agreement with the lessee.

In the event of damage to the motorhome, the tenant immediately informs the lessor on his mobile phone (tel: +386 070 / 174-497) to jointly decide on further activities (assistance, repair, service, payment ...). If the defect did not arise from the fault of the tenant and was settled by the tenant at the appropriate service, after the arrangement with the lessor, the renter will present the original invoice, which must be read to the owner of the motorhome, upon the return of the motorhome. Only and exclusively in this case, the landlord reimburses the costs incurred to the lessee.

In the event of a failure, the landlord does not undertake to replace the replacement vehicle, nor shall he bear any costs that the tenant would have for this purpose. The tenant has the right to all benefits and payment of expenses incurred by automobile assistance, concluded with Zavarovalnica Triglav.

If, in the case of a pre-lease, the vehicle is damaged or damaged to such an extent that it is not possible to prepare for the rental of the vehicle, the landlord also does not oblige the reserved vehicle to replace it with an alternative. Each such case is solved individually according to the possibilities of the lessor (repayment of the paid advance, execution of a lease in another term, ...).

In the event of an accident, the tenant must:

  • fill out the "European accident report" form,
  • write a declaration of non-alcoholicity,
  • but also report an accident to the police abroad.

In the event that the insurer refuses to pay damages due to the fault of the lessee, the lessee shall settle it in full. In the event that the insurance company covers the damage, the lessee is obliged to pay it in the amount of 1% deductible franchise, which is deducted from the security.

If in the event of an accident, the victim is found to be at risk or gross negligence, the casco insurance is not valid and all the costs of the repair and the absence of income are charged to the lessee.

In case of damage to the vehicle from an unknown person, the lessee is obliged to report the event to the police and obtain a record of the vehicle.

  1. Security

Upon the takeover of a vehicle, a security of 700,00 € must be deposited, which is used for payment:

  • a deductible franchise in the event of an accident or theft of a vehicle,
  • loss of insurance bonus,
  • missing or damaged equipment,
  • reasons arising from non-respect of "LOAN TERMS", rules, laws and other regulations.

If the security has not been lodged for various reasons, it will be paid in the event of an accident upon the return of the motorhome. For the damaged vehicle and equipment, the price list of original spare parts and authorized service services is included.

  1. Reservation and payment

The payment of the entire amount of the rental of a motorhome in accordance with the issued pro forma invoice is settled by the lessee no later than 30 days before departure - the beginning of the rental in the high season.

In low in the middle season, the tenant must settle the amount in full for at least 10 days before the start of the lease.

In the event that the lessee does not comply with these payment deadlines, the reservation of a motorhome rental rental is considered to be canceled and the lessor can withhold the advance payment without compensation and is not obliged to reimburse.

The reservation-advance payment is 40% or 300 eur (more) of the rental amount and is settled upon receipt of the invoice.

In the case of a written cancellation of the reservation or rental of a motorhome by a tenant of a motorhome, the lessor has the right to reimburse the cancellation of the rental of a motorhome, the amount of which depends on the time of submission of the lessee's cancellation.

The reimbursement of the loss due to the cancellation of the rental of a motorhome consists of administrative costs

a cancellation of € 50 and an amount that depends on the number of days still missing from receipt of a written

cancellation until the beginning of the rental of a motorhome.

If the lease is canceled by the tenant:

  • more than 45 days before the start of the leasing period - refund of a loss of 10% of the total value of the lease,
  • from 21 to 45 days prior to the start of the rental period - repayment of a loss of 40% of the total value of the lease,
  • from 20 to 10 days before the start of the rental period - refund of a loss of 60% of the total value of the lease,
  • less than 10 days before the start of the rental period - a loss of 90% of the total rental value.

In the event that the lessee does not take over the motorhome at the time specified in the Booking Certificate, this is considered as a cancellation of the lease for the reserved period. The lessor reserves the right to withhold the entire paid amount of the motorhome rental fee.

If the lessee at its own discretion interrupts the lease early, as stated in the Motorhome Rental Agreement, the landlord will not in any case reimburse the difference in the amount for the remaining period (unused part) of the motorhome rental on return.

If a renter or landlord fails to lease a rental due to a demonstrable force majeure (death or illness requiring hospital treatment or regular medical care-a certificate from a treating physician), compensation is charged in the amount of 10% of the estimated value.

The lessor charges the administrative costs of cancellation of the rental of a motorhome, even if the tenant himself finds a replacement.

  1. It is forbidden to use a motorhome

The tenant undertakes to use motorhomes exclusively for tourist purposes, but not for illegal activities.

The use of motorhomes for the lessee is prohibited for:

  • the participation of a motorhome on motorcycle events or the use of a motorhome as a test vehicle.
  • for the transport of dangerous substances, explosive, highly toxic, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances.
  • for the transport of weapons, drugs and the like.
  • for further leasing.
  • for driving after wars and other endangered areas.
  • participation in motor racing.

The tenant declares that he is explicitly aware of the changes to the law on host activity in Croatia , which is valid from 01.05.2009 according to which camping (this in the extreme case also means simple overnight stay in a motorhome or any parking of motorhomes outside the parked area) outside the camps in Croatia, an offense punishable by a fine. In the case of such illegal camping on private land, the inspector may also decide to immediately seal the motorhome for a period of 60 days. Motorhome sealing is a criminal offense. The tenant undertakes not to violate the above law in the event of the use of a rented motorhome in Croatia under this contract. In the event of a breach, the lessee shall be liable in full for all the damage incurred, including the reimbursement of the total loss of income of the lessor due to the unavailability of the vehicle at the time of sealing, the cost of transporting the vehicle back to the lessor after the expiry of the sealing period, damage to the motorhome during the period of sealing due to vandalism, theft, ingress of water, rodents or any other damage that would arise to the lessor as a result of non-compliance with the above Act.

The contract is written in two copies and comes into force when it is signed by both parties. I, the undersigned, hereby declare that all my personal data and documents are true and that I am aware of the terms and conditions with which I agree with my signature.

Renter (name and surname): ___________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________________________

Post: _________________________________________________________________

No. identity document: _________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________________________


Owner: IZARA HF doo

Title: heroic street Rojška 44

Post office: 3000 Celje

Id for ddv: SI26667746


TIME HAS FROM: _______________________ TO: ____________________________

ШТ. DAYS: ______________________________________________________________

VEHICLE: _____________________________________________________________

REG. NUMBER: _____________________________________________________________

INITIAL STATE OF THE COUNTER: ________________________ KM

FINAL CONDITIONS OF THE COUNTRY: _________________________ KM

DESTINATION: _________________________________________________________


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